The Estimate of Giving reflects a spiritual commitment you, or your family will make to uphold the Gospel of Christ through the mission and ministries of the church. It is not a contract that is binding, but rather a gesture of faithfulness in response to God’s work in your life.

While you are welcome to give without filling out an Estimate of Giving card, the number you submit helps the church to effectively budget and plan our ministries for the calendar year.

If you have questions about making a first-time financial commitment to the church, please contact one of our pastors at 760-753-6582.

You will be brought back to this page once you fill out and submit your Estimate of Giving Form.



As a sign of my commitment to Christ and his Church, and as an expression of my Christian stewardship, I/we make this commitment to Christ’s church.

  *This estimate does not include any other designated contributions, e.g. Building Fund or other special gifts.