Adult Education sessions meet periodically throughout the year.  They offer an opportunity to gather in Christian community with your Church family to grow together in the Spirit that is at work among us.  Studies continue for several weeks and all are welcome to attend.  For more information on current and future sessions, please contact



Covenant Bible Study

Although many of us attend worship regularly, or have grown up in the church, we still feel as if we don’t have a solid understanding of the Bible and what it really says. Beginning in early December, we’ll be offering an opportunity to dive into scripture in a new way.

Utilizing a new curriculum created by Biblical scholars and church leaders together, this in-depth group Bible study centers around our relationships with God, with each other, and with the world. This survey of the scriptures from Genesis to Revelation takes place over the course of three 8-week sessions—the first beginning this fall.

If you are seeking an opportunity to learn more about scripture, and more deeply engage your faith through God’s Word, please email to express interest or for more information.