What is a Circle?
Circles are small group gatherings of United Methodist Women that enjoy camaraderie and mutual support  through devotions and programs. Each Circle chooses their name from women of the Bible and the role they played which best represents their purpose. Circles adopt a variety of mission projects to work on during the year. UMW encourages all women of the church to join one of our small circles, especially if you are new to our church or have not yet found that small circle of friends that can be so important in your Christian walk. Won’t you join us?

Alternate Monthly Gathering is attended by all members on the 2nd Wednesday (or Saturday) at 10:30 am in Founders Hall

Dorcas Sewing Circle
MISSION:  We provide one complete baby layette per month to the SD county health nurse for those in the most need and to provide lap robes to the V.A. hospital and the Encinitas Rehabilitation hospital.
CONTACT: Linda Phillips—760.753.4832
EMAIL: norman_phillips@msn.com
MEETINGS: 3rd Wednesday at 9:30 am
in Room 9 (no meetings July/August)

Martha Circle
MISSION:  We fill home-made bags with toiletry items for Welcome Home, which is a Christian organization that helps women transition back into society after incarceration. At each meeting, we enjoy a light brunch, prayer and a short program.
CONTACT:   Sharon Huffine 760.632.8377
                        Billie Taylor 760.814,8393
MEETINGS:  4th Wednesday at 9:30 am in member homes

Mary Magdalene Circle
MISSION:   To develop as companions in Christ with whom we can share how God is present in our lives each day through Bible Study, social activities and warm and wonderful conversation.
CONTACT:  Shelly kinney 760.494.6495 shelly@dkinney.com
Cindy Fountain 760.479.0544; ca.fountain@yahoo.com
MEETINGS:  Every Wednesday at 9:30 am in the Lounge

Miriam Circle
MISSION:  We are a warm, friendly and supportive group made up of working and retired professionals who are interested in education, fellowship and missions. Following refreshments, we enjoy fellowship, devotions and a program.
CONTACT:  Jeri Badour—760.944.8175; jbadour@roadrunner.com
MEETINGS:  4th Monday at 7:00 pm in member homes

Naomi Circle
MISSION:  We make and fill ‘Welcome Home’ bags for women released from prison; collect and save craft items for the preschool; and mail shut-in seniors the “Sunrise-Sunset” newsletter. At each meeting, dessert is served followed by an informative program.
CONTACT:  Valera Whiteley – 760.942.3558 vmwgrady@roadrunner.com
MEETINGS:  4th Wednesday at 1:00 pm in Founders Hall