We offer online as well as monthly paper newsletters

Our Electronic Newsletter, “This Sunday at SDUMC” , comes out weekly on Fridays at 12:00pm.  It contains a sneak peak of the upcoming Sunday Sermon as well as the latest news, upcoming events, Sunday School lessons, adult discussion Forum Topics, Children, Teen and Adult Activies and outreach opportunities.

Our Monthly Newsletter, “La Paloma”, is available  in hard copy form sent to homes the last week of the month and electronically as a PDF via our e-news.  It contains more detail on the various programs within our church and has special messages from both our ministers, teen (youth )director and updates from the various committees within our church.

Our Weekly Youth Newsletter is sent out once a week electronically to families of youth and contains information on the latest youth group meetings  and  future activities and sign ups. It is also available weekly via a link on our Youth Blog

Our Weekly Children and Family Newsletter is sent out once a week electronically to families of children ages preschool – 6th grade and contains information about Sunday School, Children’s Group, and Family Activities.  It is also available weekly via a link on our Children and Family Blog

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