“Dreams and Detours”

Rev. Dr. Faith J. Conklin

Sunday, January 5, 2020 at 9:00am and 10:30am

BULLETIN LISTEN NOW epiphany+image+copy Star light; star bright. First star I see tonight. Wish I may; wish I might, Have the wish, I wish tonight. Many of us learned that poem as children. We gazed up into the night sky and made our wish on the “first star” we saw. (I confess. Sometimes I still do.) I’m old enough to understand that “wishing doesn’t make it so“. I’m not too old to remember how it felt to believe it really could. This Sunday, three themes converge. It’s the second Sunday in Christmastide. It’s the first Sunday of the New Year. It’s the day before January 6 and the start of the Church’s season known as “Epiphany“. The symbol for Epiphany is the star. Its symbol is the star; the one that guided the Magi and the ones God sends to us to guide our journeys. Epiphany means “revelation“. It’s about seeing something new-a new truth, a new idea, a new way. It’s having the courage to follow where it leads. The color for Epiphany is “green” representing growth. It calls us to be the church at work in the world. It reminds ds us that the the light can still be found even in the darkest places of our public and private lives. It offers us a love wide enough to embrace all God’s children. To see ourselves and others as welcomed and loved by God and then to daily and intentionally live by that truth is a challenge. Herod was right to be “frightened” of the news he heard. Herods anywhere still are. I hope you’ll join us on Sunday as we hear again Matthew’s story of the Wise Men and their visits. As we move beyond the manger into the world what lesson do they offer us? What about Herod? What’s his place in the story? Why do we need him at all? It’s a privilege to be counted as part of the San Dieguito UMC Church family. Thank you for your welcome. I look forward to being in worship and at the Table with you as we continue our journey into 2020. “For everyone born, a place at the Table“. It’s a gift for us all. It’s a gift we’re called to share.

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