Let's engage in community!

God wired us for human connection.

Unique Worship

Various expressions of worship that are new and different for our changing culture.

Small Groups Request
Gather in Christian community and grow in the Spirit that is at work among us. Studies meet periodically throughout the year. All are welcome to attend.
Hiking Church

Everyone is welcomed at Hiking Church! At Hiking Church we will explore God's beautiful creation together. Hiking Church travels all around Southern California. We hike to some breathtaking views and at the top, we have a non-traditional church experience. Sometimes there is music, sometimes there is meditation, sometimes there is a reflection. There is always community and there is always God with us.

Spiritual Yoga
Dinner Church
Faith at the Farmer's Market
Community Listening Booth


Young Adult Groups


7:01 is a small group that is open and affirming to young adults (high school grads through 30 years old). This group is especially geared for those in the LGBTQI+ community who are looking for a place to grow deeper in their faith with people who accept them for exactly who they are. Together we will grow in our relationships with God, one another and ourselves.

Open Space


Moms Group

While it is a wonderful privilege to be a mother, it also has its unique challenges, responsibilities and “make you want to rip your hair out” moments. Perhaps, no two mothering experiences are the same but it’s always exciting to find a community who truly understands your joys and sorrows. SDUMC offers a variety of times, locations and activities for moms to gather together.

Chat & Stroll

Tuesdays (throughout summer) from 9:00-10:00 am.

Times seems to fly by. Don’t you wish you had time to spend with your child, chat with your friends and enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Well, now you can do all three at once! Grab a coffee, stroller and your walking shoes and meet us every Tuesday at Encinitas Community Park (425 Santa Fe Dr) from 9:00-10:00 am to chat and stroll.

Mom's Group Meetings
Mom's Night Out


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