Let's serve together.

Loving our neighbors, next door and around the world.


Through our community service projects, we partner with local organizations and groups to make a difference throughout our North County area.

Small Groups Request
Gather in Christian community and grow in the Spirit that is at work among us. Studies meet periodically throughout the year. All are welcome to attend.
Light Your World

Each month, SDUMC engages in a different Light Your World service project. These range from beach clean-ups, to food sorting at Feeding San Diego, to monitoring showers at Showers of Blessing. Visit our Missions' Table in between services or check the upcoming events to sign-up for the next service opportunity.

Feeding the Homeless
English Language Tutoring
Showers of Blessings
Food Collection



Getting involved in our national service work can make a difference by changing individual lives and entire communities while also finding a sense of purpose. There are various opportunities throughout the year.

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Sierra Service Project

San Dieguito UMC has a long history of attending Sierra Service Project. Sierra Service Project is a wonderful way that we can put our faith into action by sharing the unconditional love of God through service and fellowship. SSP is a week-long experience in the summer, consisting of service, worship, devotionals, discussions, fun and games, and Christian fellowship.

David & Margaret Youth & Family Services


An international immersion trip changes the lives of everyone involved – from the people living in the communities we serve to those who are building, teaching, giving, training and planting.

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Let us know how we can serve you and we will do our best to return your message within one business day.

Project Chacocente is an international Christian organization based in the United States and operating in rural Nicaragua that uses a unique holistic approach to community development. The Project relocated families from the city dump of Managua, and works with them as they gain the skills that they need to live independently. Aiming for total transformation, the project works in the areas of housing, health, education, food, agriculture, construction, job training and personal development.