Tasting Grace Sermon Series

Rev. John Shaver

Sunday, October 4, 2020 at 9:30am Livestream Worship

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"But I will restore you to health and heal your wounds,’ declares the LORD" Jeremiah 30:17

Dear SDUMC Family,

As we listen to the news, read the paper, follow social media, and follow the headlines, we witness so many places in which healing is needed. It is easy, especially during current times, to curl up in a corner and feel hopeless. Let us not forget the great passage from Matthew 19:26- Jesus looked at them and said, "With people, this is impossible. But with God, all things are possible."

John Wesley shared about Communion, "The grace of God given herein confirms to us our bodies are strengthened by bread and wine. This is the food of our souls: This gives strength to perform our duty."

This Sunday, World Communion Sunday, we have the excellent opportunity to share in the Meal that continually changes us and reminds us that we are the hands and feet of Christ to all we meet. World Communion Sunday began in the 1930s as a way to speak to the world during times of war. As Nazi power grew in Europe and that continent was embroiled in the birth of another war that would eventually engulf the whole world. Christian denominations came together on a special Sunday to provide an alternative vision for the world. This has come to be one of the greatest ecumenical movements in the world. It is viewed as a symbol of solidarity amidst our worldly divisions and a way to share peace. Gathering around the table as Christians, instead of denominations, shares hope for the future - a dream that we one day will be enfolded back into the family of Christ that knows no boundaries or divisions.

I look forward to sharing this special Sunday with you as we continue this tradition. On Sunday, Christians around the world celebrate in God's great feast together. There will be many special elements as we celebrate in special ways by welcoming a hula worship team, an amazing ukelele player, and some other "Holy" surprises. Our guests will join us both at our 9:30 a.m. Livestream and our 10:45 Outdoor Worship. This would be a great Sunday to invite a friend to worship with you online or physically-distanced outside (to sign up for Outdoor Worship you can click this link Outdoor Worship Sign-up).

As our world continues to struggle during these COVID-19 days, almost 35 million people around the world have been infected by COVID-19, and over a million deaths worldwide. I pray for President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump, as well as all who are suffering and grieving at this time. May we pray for the healing of our global community on this World Communion Sunday weekend.

Grace and Peace,


P.S. Remember on this "Share The Table" Sunday to bring nonperishable food for neighbors who are in financial need. Especially needed are peanut butter and canned chicken. We will also be taking a special offering for UMCOR (United Methodist Committee On Relief - which provides help for disasters around the world).

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