Tasting Grace Sermon Series

Rev. Chelsea Simon

Sunday, October 18, 2020 at 9:30am Livestream Worship

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Hi Everyone,

We are continuing in our “Taste of Grace” sermon series. This week we will be looking at delight. It might seem odd that in the midst of Covid, social unrest and a contentious political climate, that we’d take about delight, but for me it feels like just the right time. Lately, I have been feeling overwhelmed, irritable, emotional, and exhausted. The weight of the world has been...well...weighing on me.

And then I realized, without the counterbalance of joy, laughter and delight it is easy to get wrapped up in despair, depression and anger. We need those respite moments of play to fuel us for the (sometimes) difficult work of existing in the world.

For some, it may feel wrong to laugh and delight right now but I really feel this is what God desires for us. I believe this is what Jesus modeled for us. Jesus lived in some dark days. He lived in a Roman occupied territory that left many poor, scared, and disenfranchised.

And yet Jesus ate, and drank, and visited with people. Afterall, his first miracle was turning water into wine so he could keep the wedding celebration going!

Jesus was fun. He delighted in those around him. And I have to imagine that this did not take away from his ministry but rather added to it.

I hope you will tune in to our 9:30am live stream service or join us in the garden at 10:45am.

Peace in Christ,


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