The Second Sunday in Advent

Rev. John Shaver

Sunday, December 6, 2020 at 9:30am Livestream Worship

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"...Be still..." -Psalm 46:10

Dear SDUMC Family,

Amid all that is happening around us, the Advent Season continues to move forward, and this Sunday we will light the Candle of Peace. I pray that you can find a little peace in your daily routines. God brings us the gift of peace in all seasons if we take some time to be still, pray, listen, and wait...

So, if you're feeling a bit worried or hurried and the world seems to be pushing you a bit too quick...step back and be still, pray, listen, wait... If you still need a little help, take another moment and join me in reading this poem by Ann Weems.

Mary, Nazareth girl: What did you know of ethereal beings with messages from God? God-chosen one: What did you know of God that brought you to this stable? Could it be that you had been - Ready -Waiting - Listening - for the footsteps of an angel? Could it be there are messages for us if we have the faith to listen?

As I think about the Christmas story, Jesus was born in a small, cramped, crowded, and messy place. A new-born baby was out-of-place, out-of-sync, amid the dusty animals, the spilled grain, all the usual smells, sounds, and sights found in a stable. But the mess is the message of Christmas: There is no stable, no place in our world or in our lives that is too poor, too remote, too outcast, too messy, that God's peace cannot be found as we become ready through stillness, praying, listening, and waiting.

I look forward to stepping away from the stresses of the world and worshiping with you this Sunday morning at 9:30 a.m. on Livestream Worship or at 10:45 during Outdoor Worship. We'll continue our series A Different Kind Of Christmas and share the prayer "Let there be peace…" together. We will be blessed as several special guests join us around the globe.

Grace and Advent Peace,


PS. Take a moment and pray about sharing the gift of peace by inviting someone to join you this Sunday! Invite a friend or family member to worship with you online or outside during this season in which we all need to share in God's peace, hope, and love (it's been a joy to hear stories of many at SDUMC sharing our service to friends near and far).

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