Sunday – January 10, 2020

Rev. Dr. Faith J. Conklin & Rev. Chelsea Simon

Sunday, January 10, 2021 at 9:30am
Livestream Worship

Front of Church
Hello Everyone,

This Sunday, we welcome Rev. Dr. Faith Conklin to the pulpit. In this difficult, divided and fearful time we are in need of a message of hope which Rev. Faith always delivers. Below is a small taste of her message on Sunday.

This Sunday is one of my particularly favorite celebrations in the Church year. It’s called “Baptism of the Lord Sunday”. We read about Jesus’ baptism and we remember our own. We ask ourselves: What does it mean to be a “child of God”? What difference does it make for how we live in the world?

We’ll also participate in a Service of Baptism Renewal. We’ll rehearse the work and promises of God and recommit ourselves to the vows we made in our baptism. God doesn’t forget. We do. We listen to other voices than God’s. We let the world rather than God’s spirit shape our lives. We look in the mirror and see a false image of who we are. We believe what we see there. This service helps remind us of our name. Our name is “Beloved”. Our name is “Belongs to God”. Out of that identity we live.

Baptism is a gift of God’s grace. In gratitude and response, we share God’s love and seek to live as examples of Christ’s teaching and truth. As Diane Roth wrote: We’re “emissaries of the living God… to plant seeds of hope, healing and life.” Daily as ministers of Christ we take up the mantle of service asking, “God, what will you do with me today? How will you use me to bless your people and your world?”. God always has an answer to that question.

I’m excited to share this day with you. Let us remember our baptism and be thankful. Let us remember our baptism and be faithful.

Please have some water nearby so that you might participate in this sacred ritual. We look forward to seeing you at 9:30am or whenever you watch!


Chelsea and Faith

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